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Digital Innovation in Water Education and Management

Melbourne Water and final year Swinburne University of Technology Motion Design students have come together to create interactive motion design prototypes that help contribute to the Healthy Waterways Strategy and aim to raise water literacy among the community. This exhibition website showcases four prototypes that all students in the Motion Design Capstone Project unit contributed to during semester 1, 2020. The prototypes were created by four teams consisting of five students each, responding to design briefs in the following topic areas: Water Cycle, Stormwater impacts, Stormwater management and Water Catchment education. Designed as tools for developers, councils, and the community, they highlight the future of waterway management in Melbourne and help to drive learning, engagement and behaviour change. Education and training are critical components for protecting and improving the waterways of Melbourne. Engaging with the community plays a key role in supporting Australia’s natural environment and biological diversity.



The four prototypes were designed and developed during one semester with each student spending more than 300 hours on the project over a 13-week period. Each week the teaching team and students met online to discuss progress, offer feedback and provide help, with several client presentations along the way.

 With the impact of COVID-19, our students had to rise to the challenge of collaborating and working remotely on this project. The rapid transition to online delivery of the Motion Design Capstone unit required a complete re-evaluation of assessment requirements and modes of learning & teaching which have been a big learning curve for everyone involved. We know that our students have worked very hard this semester and we are proud of what they have achieved. 

We would like to say thank you to all of our students for their commitment and understanding during this difficult time. We would also like to say thank you to our Melbourne Water partners: Alisa, Birgit, Kim, Michael and Sharyn for their persistence with the project and for their valuable time and feedback that they have given our students.

On behalf of the teaching team, we hope that these projects inspire you to take practical actions to understand and improve the health of Melbourne’s waterways.


Teaching Team

James Berrett
Ash Millott

Melbourne Water Team

Alisa Fisher
Birgit Jordan
Kim O’Hoy
Michael Godfrey
Sharyn Rossrakesh

Motion Design Students

Aaron Agustin
Aidan Krott
Amy Smith
Dianxu Li
Grace Recla
Harry Gravell
Jane Novella
Jason Ryan Arfandy
Katelyn Anderson
Kelsey Wilson

Lara Tsekouras
Lukas Elberts
Mai Linh Thinh
Mark Newnham
Matthew Soeleiman
Nicole Brimblecombe
Sapneel Prakash
Talei Mitchell
Timothy Knowles
Warda Amin


Creativity and imagination, coupled with technical ability, are in high demand in an ever-advancing digital landscape.

The Bachelor of Design (Motion Design) course gives students the opportunity to learn about how to create engaging visual narratives where the worlds of graphic design, film, typography, image-making, photography and sound converge.  The multidisciplinary skills of motion designers give them the ability to create content for every conceivable media platform – from sky-scraping digital billboards, to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality environments, to cinema screens, to discreet wearable devices, and more.